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psa; valentines fic 2.0

as loudestoflove goes through her third year of fic advent now (wow!!! please go check it out here), i decided to give another crack at it. because i didn't get very far back in 2012. but this time it'll actually be an advent & i'm throwing in v-day for good luck, and i will actually give my best effort to getting fics to 14 happy people yay!!! ♥

1.) Pick a date.
2.) Leave me a pairing and a prompt. (Anonymous commenting is on!)
3.) I will write you something.

as for fandoms, i'll write practically anything i've written before (infinite, shinee, maybe boyfriend, with the exception of beast, btob, and teen top) but prefer exo, vixx, bangtan, and got7; generally, it depends on the otp just as much as the group. i will give a crack at haikyuu!! and anything else we've ever discussed in the past. and if we haven't, you have from now until february to get me to ship it~*~
you can ask for continuations of au's, fics we've discussed before but i never got around to writing, or something completely new! i am okay with any kind of prompt i.e. songs, graphics, descriptions of au's, etc. so go wild! any rating is ok!

February 1 - hyperlydian (kageyama/hinata; iwaizumi/oikawa) (what is oofuri)
February 2 - curledupkitten (kageyama/hinata, catboy!kageyama)
February 3 - anaplian (sungyeol/sungjong, perfume & pampering)
February 4 - monsterplaza (jimin/jeongguk, fire alarms)
February 5 - black_goose (wonshik/hongbin, kids)
February 6 - starrymoons (jimin/jeongguk, first date)
February 7 - kim_ri (yoongi-centric, sass king)
February 8 - milkbars (jimin-centric, volleyballs)
February 9 - loudestoflove (jaebum/jackson; kageyama; yoongi)
February 10 - admortems (kuroo/daichi, phone sex operator)
February 11 - eonians (kageyama/hinata, fox!hinata)
February 12 - ponderosa_stars
February 13 - lazychaoz (seokjin/hyosang, bakery/coffee shop)
February 14 - carboxyls (taehyung/jeongguk, soulmates)

it's like emmi's the bartender and the jies are like HELLA SEX ON THE BEACH, AGAINST THE DOOR, ON THE PLANE and i'm just uh...sprite? -lynn
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