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31 December 2011 @ 06:07 pm
[!] please join this community if you enjoy my fanworks and wish to become a part of galaxyabandoned!

My life is a rainy night that rains 365 days.
A heart that gets smaller in every 24 hours.
I even hid the small comma and its tail,
then the future that awaits me becomes a period...
But carry the new day on your shoulder and run.
What am I running towards?
Whether if the sun is setting or if I’m just losing…
I don’t know.
But I go.
Keep on runnin’ runnin’ runnin’ high.
I'm the young star that has been abandoned by the galaxy.

fanfiction by emmi []!
you will find a variety of korean-pop fandoms here (ie. infinite, exo, got7); multiple pairings and genres.
this community is solely for idol/idol pairings.

masterlist []
18 December 2014 @ 03:25 pm
Title: untitled
Fandom: exo
Pairing: kai/chanyeol
Word Count: ~6000 (incomplete)
Rating: pg-13
Summary: One night, Jongin meets a gorgeous stranger named Chanyeol at the club. The next day, he finds himself in jail, underground, locked up for inappropriate conduct with the prince.
Author's Note: ONE OF MY FAILED ATTEMPTS AT LONGFIC AHHH WHATEVER he was gonna do so many thINGs. another case of a whole lot of worldbuilding that didnt make it into the fic before i lost steam. somewhat inspired by suzanne collin's gregor the overlander series because those were my childhood.

He just wants to crawl back into bed, sleep this off, and make another empty promise to himself to never, ever let Lu Han take him to the club, ever again.Collapse )
Title: kiss you all starry-eyed
Fandom: vixx
Pairing: leo/n (i was going to put in ravi/hongbin, of course, and implied!ken/kyungri)
Word Count: ~4000 (incomplete)
Rating: nc-17
Summary: hakyeon should never, ever take advice from jaehwan.
Author's Note: thissssss was meant to be a birthday present for feiling but her birthday was in mid-july and its december and i am going to gently put this down now. i feel like ive written more vixx fic than i have but here i am with nothing to show for it besides THIS
TITLE FROM "ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU" BY THE MOULDY PEACHES FROM THE JUNO SOUNDTRACK AND THIS FIC WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MORE JUNO THAN NOT. yeAH. i love that movie a lot and i actually really like this fic for some reason

this is just another party where people will eat too much shitty junk food and drink themselves silly and have sex with people they forget by the next morning.Collapse )
18 December 2014 @ 02:46 pm
Title: redemption (10/?)
Fandom: infinite + ukiss, block b, etc.
Pairing: various
Word count: ~1100 (incomplete)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Lee Howon has long accepted his life as a Beta, at the bottom of South Korea's social class. However, the government gives him and his family an opportunity to join the Alpha class, through the Omega Plan at Sanghwan Academy, but this chance isn't as wonderful as it seems.
A/N: didnt get too far on this one (havent touched it since january)...even though i knew what was going to happen and everything. a lot of backstory & future planning went into this fic but i never got around to writing it hahaha, but again, feel free to ask! the endgame pairings are actually hoya/dongwoo, sungyeol/sungjong, and sunggyu/woohyun. i am particularly fond of how woogyu get together.

The itching of his tattoo wakes Howon up Sunday morning.Collapse )
Title: no regrets, just love
Fandom: exo
Pairing: baekhyun/tao
Word Count: ~4300 (incomplete)
Rating: nc-17
Summary: Zitao meets Baekhyun at a beach party over summer vacation. It was only meant to be temporary.
A/N: i realized there are a lot of old fics, mostly exo, that i started way back when and dont ever intend on finishing, so porque no put them up in a somewhat organized fashion instead of letting them rot in google drive? i wrote the bulk of this one oct 2012~jan 2013 (((as you can tell this was back before we realized his name was wu yifan and not wu fan))), will not be finishing it anymore but thanks for reading! feel free to ask me whats going to happen next~*~

He forces himself to look away from the slow, dizzying stroke of thumb along hipbone.Collapse )
13 December 2014 @ 06:21 pm
as loudestoflove goes through her third year of fic advent now (wow!!! please go check it out here), i decided to give another crack at it. because i didn't get very far back in 2012. but this time it'll actually be an advent & i'm throwing in v-day for good luck, and i will actually give my best effort to getting fics to 14 happy people yay!!! ♥

1.) Pick a date.
2.) Leave me a pairing and a prompt. (Anonymous commenting is on!)
3.) I will write you something.

as for fandoms, i'll write practically anything i've written before (infinite, shinee, maybe boyfriend, with the exception of beast, btob, and teen top) but prefer exo, vixx, bangtan, and got7; generally, it depends on the otp just as much as the group. i will give a crack at haikyuu!! and anything else we've ever discussed in the past. and if we haven't, you have from now until february to get me to ship it~*~
you can ask for continuations of au's, fics we've discussed before but i never got around to writing, or something completely new! i am okay with any kind of prompt i.e. songs, graphics, descriptions of au's, etc. so go wild! any rating is ok!