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{beast; ot6} kismet

Title: kismet
Fandom: beast
Pairing: ot6
Word count: ~1,700
Rating: PG
Summary: a compilation of drabbles, about what could have happened if beast werent where they are today.
A/N: the timing is probably off for a lot of these and youll probably all want to stab me after you read this but 8) enjoy!


in this world, yoon doojoon gives up a promising soccer career to go into marketing. its true that he loves the stretch and pull of his muscles, the bite of the air he gasps through his teeth, but he's a reasonable person. he stops playing the sport in university, but stays busy.
his natural charm and leadership abilities quickly propel him to the top of his first company, and his coworkers lavish him with praise that he politely denies with that friendly, sincere smile. the only thing people have reservations about is how doojoon is the only one who violates the suit and tie dress code.

in this world, mboat entertainment does not experience financial failure. they debut several highly successful groups in partnership with yg, including a male duet group, "soulmate," comprised of two stunning vocalists, yang yoseob and daniel chae. their voices are the perfect harmony, their personalities similar enough to get along well but different enough that fans go for either or both of them. every album they release requires reproductions.
yoseob bows to a fellow idol, a soloist named ace junior, on the way offstage after winning the m! countdown award instead of him. instead of looking back, yoseob allows daniel to slip his arm around yoseobs shoulders as they return to their dressing room.

in this world, jang hyunseung--so-1--is always too pretty, too gentle, too soft for yg entertainment and bigbang; the vips cant help but point it out, labeling him as the one holding bigbang back from international greatness. his bright voice is lost among such a rap-focused group.
kwon jiyong is a perfectionist, as hyunseung has known from the start, but his style of leadership splinters through hyunseungs strength with every brutal insult and demand for more. eventually, the punk facade is too hard to keep up. hyunseung needs sugarcoating, that comforting arm braced around his waist, more smiles and less scowls even away from the camera. his child's mentality so long ago told him, yes, you want this, but his mind now, an adult too soon, says, why didnt you think this through?
he regrets not leaving every day of his life.

in this world, sohn dongwoon follows in the footsteps of his brother, dongha, and goes to america for university, as a linguistics major. his abilities to speak english and korean fluently, as well as the basics in several languages such as japanese and chinese, eventually lead him to becoming a diplomat and going back to korea.
while he enjoys being back in the country that fills his childhood memories, korea is not home.

in this world, every of the six members stays at or comes to jyp entertainment. however, park jinyoung does not debut them as one group after seeing who works with who in the dance practice rooms, running them through the group cycles and almost dropping every one of them at one point in time.
he decides for yang yoseob and lee gikwang to stay together, added to a five-member group for a flower boy concept, while yoon doojoon, yong junhyung, and sohn dongwoon debut as a trio that fails for lack of fans. jang hyunseung trains for the longest, but its worth it in the end when he becomes jyp's most successful and most humble soloist.

in this world, junhyung becomes an accountant, against all odds. after a delinquent reputation in high school and a university transcript of dicking around and bad grades, no one would have thought it was possible. but for junhyung, numbers are easy. theyre solid and simple and they never break or shatter the way dreams do.

in this world, yang yoseob never becomes a star. instead, he studies hard in school, he gets a poodle puppy that he names "kimchi" for its reddish fur, and he happily helps out at his parents' restaurant every day. his smile when he takes an order, or the familiarity with which he strikes up a conversation with someone paying their bill has people coming back for more.
when customers compliment him for his singing while he does the dishes, telling him he has the type of voice that could become famous, he laughs and shakes his head.

in this world, kim hyunah is all jang hyunseung has ever known. they grow up as childhood friends, and she blushes when he takes her hand in his during middle school. the idea of pursing their dreams without the other is unthinkable, and cube entertainment takes them both.
their first song is trouble maker, a song hyunah wheedles out of shinsadong tiger with a coy smile and pursed lips. prepix is amazed when they have no problem performing the alluring, almost too sexy choreography planned for this song, but they've always touched each other without thinking twice about it. this confidence and their voices propel them to a win during debut promotions, and ceo hong seungsung is delighted at their popularity.

in this world, acting has always been lee gikwang's dream. his parents give him a childhood of neglect, filled with spoiling his younger brother, hyekwang, and leaving him to watch television after and only after he's finished all his homework. they laugh when he tells them about his dream, but that only makes him want to try harder.
his charming eyesmile and earnest enthusiasm are the only things that land him his first job, but a surprising amount of hidden talent keeps him in the industry. his role as saeho in high kick! through the roof, abs and all, earns him fans that slowly grow with his appearances in sitcoms and dramas such as my princess and im a flower, too.
when his manager asks him whether he would like to sing for an ost of his latest drama, gikwang hesitates and refuses. singing has never been his strong point, but concealing who he is in favor of a more exciting character is.

in this world, six-member boy group beast falls prey to the five year curse. its been a long five years, definitely, and even yoon doojoon is beginning to cave to the pressure of never-ending schedules, the lack of sleep, the constant rush. not even yunho and leeteuk, or jokwon and seungho, can help him save his group now.
complications out of anyones hands arise, family issues and such. yoseob cant bear to perform anymore after his beloved mother falls ill, calling a hiatus and hurrying home to do all he can but ending up watching her wither away before his very eyes. gikwang takes acting job after acting job, until his work with beast takes such low priority its only a memory. the sweet, comfortable atmosphere beast has always kept starts falling apart, when tired members lash out and there are a lot of bruises and hurt prides. without their usual mood lifters, junhyung sinks into a black mood that constantly pains dongwoon, and hyunseung withdraws into himself. the fans are all but forgotten.
doojoon goes to see the ceo, bitter words in his mouth. "sir, we cant do this anymore."

in this world, sohn dongwoon fails his cube audition. unwilling to give up his dream so quickly, he joins a small, no-name ent and never becomes famous, because the right training to open his voice never comes to him. still, he works hard, always the last one in the dance practice rooms until his body refuses to function anymore, dropping him onto the floor as he gasps breath after breath through his teeth. no, his voice never shines, but slowly, his clumsy dance moves become something like art.
when cube asks for him back, his entertainment refuses. sohn dongwoon will lift them out of obscurity, and everyone knows it. however, he never achieves his vision of performing a slow ballad song on the piano; his every solo stage at concerts is a fast, intense dance performance.

in this world, jyp never splits or cuts oneday into 2am and 2pm. inspired by sm's success with groups of large numbers, such as the hallyu stars super junior currently sending korea into a frenzy, jyp debuts yoon doojoon along with 11 other boys.
doojoon is happy to have debuted after all those years training with these boys, but he cant help but feel invisible. jaebum is an excellent leader despite becoming from america, caring and outgoing and hard-working, and taecyeons countless talents effortlessly outshine others. junhos smile has the fans screaming, then silent when changmin or junsu opens his mouth to sing. jokwon easily gains fans with his sense of humor and willingness to sacrifice his shame, while jinwoon's dorky but endearing personality earns him a place in the 91line and in everyone's hearts, and nichkhun gains attention with his sweet personality and variety skills. among them and seulong and chansung and wooyoung, doojoon is lost. his leadership abilities pale in comparison, his singing has never been the best, and among all these dancers, he can never catch anyones eyes. when all 12 of them crowd onto the stage and he finds himself blocked by another member, doojoon cant help but think, this isnt what i wanted.

in this world, yang yoseob is the one who goes by another name. after leaving jyp and coming to cube, hong seungsung decides to debut him as a soloist, and his first album features some of the people he trained with. the memory is still fresh, recording his introduction with wonder girl's hyunah, another track with two of the budding rappers, yoon doojoon and yong junhyung.
as a soloist, standing alone on that precious stage is too empty, so he is assigned several backup dancers. doojoon and junhyung are there, as well as a quiet boy named lee gikwang who always greets yoseob with a smile and a bow when they have practice.

in this world, the file fails and cube lets yong junhyung go. the others cry their eyes out, pulling him tightly into their arms and junhyung, with the sensation of their tears sliding down his skin, lets his own fall. leaving their shared apartment is the hardest thing he has ever done, their farewells filling his ears and the weight of his bags pulling him down, down, down.
bitter after the losses of chaerin and jieun, jyp takes him in and he debuts as a leader and rapper. junhyung's success surprises everyone but junhyung.

in this world, lee gikwang never becomes anyone.
Tags: fandom: beast, pairing: ot6
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