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{vixx; leo/n} kiss you all starry-eyed [incomplete]

Title: kiss you all starry-eyed
Fandom: vixx
Pairing: leo/n (i was going to put in ravi/hongbin, of course, and implied!ken/kyungri)
Word Count: ~4000 (incomplete)
Rating: nc-17
Summary: hakyeon should never, ever take advice from jaehwan.
Author's Note: thissssss was meant to be a birthday present for feiling but her birthday was in mid-july and its december and i am going to gently put this down now. i feel like ive written more vixx fic than i have but here i am with nothing to show for it besides THIS
TITLE FROM "ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU" BY THE MOULDY PEACHES FROM THE JUNO SOUNDTRACK AND THIS FIC WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MORE JUNO THAN NOT. yeAH. i love that movie a lot and i actually really like this fic for some reason

kiss you all starry-eyed

"i think it's time," jaehwan says solemnly as he presses yet another cup of beer into hakyeon's hand. "hyung, i really do."

"what are you talking about," hakyeon says. he's not nearly drunk enough to take jaehwan's advice, but he still takes the chilled cup and sips at it dutifully. it's the weekend after winter finals, anyways - he can make some stupid mistakes and then everyone will go home for break and forget said mistakes by next semester. he's a senior now, he knows the drill. this is just another party where people will eat too much shitty junk food and drink themselves silly and have sex with people they forget by the next morning.

jaehwan heaves a dramatic sigh and swings his body over the side of the couch with a thud so he can press against hakyeon's. his drink sloshes in his cup, spilling a little on his shirt. he gets overly touchy and even louder than usual when he's drunk, and now he stagewhispers, meaning that he half-shouts, "what i mean, hakyeon hyung, is that you need to get laid."

hakyeon rolls his eyes and drinks more beer, but doesn't shove him away. "shut up, jaehwan. i thought i told you to butt out of my love life."

"you don't need love to have a one night stand," jaehwan shoots back instantly, a smug smile hooked on his lips. he's played at least three rounds of beer pong tonight and won one. the girl that he wants to get into the black leather jeggings of, a grad student in marketing that hakyeon thinks is either named kyunghee or kyungri, isn't here tonight - which is a pity, because then jaehwan would leave him alone. it has been decisively concluded by hakyeon and wonshik that kyunghee/kyungri is better at attracting jaehwan than a lamplight is to a moth - hakyeon has never seen jaehwan more quiet than when kyunghee/kyungri is around.

man, where's wonshik, hakyeon thinks. he's a good dongsaeng. he never tries to tell hakyeon what to do. "don't tell me what to do, jaehwan," he says.

"you're too tense, hakyeon hyung," jaehwan says solemnly. "all you do is study in your dorm room and try to OD on caffeine. if i didn't force you to come with me tonight, you'd never have left campus."

the new barista at the coffee shop on campus, a pretty girl who's nametag says her name is eunyoung, already knows his order by now - despite the fact that she only started working two months ago. wonshik says she has the hots for him, but hakyeon isn't really that interested. "i'm a dance major," hakyeon says. "i don't study, i dance."

"that, too," jaehwan acknowledges, waving his hand airily as if to sweep hakyeon's words away. "still doesn't dispute the fact that you are in dire need of getting laid."

jaehwan is a finance and vocal music double major; because his classes are on opposite sides of campus (and by sheer force of will), he's friends with most of anyone who's anyone and therefore is invited to all parties across campus and sometimes even beyond it. he was hakyeon's roommate the year before, when he still lived with the majority of the fine arts majors. now he has acquired a car at last, as well as an apartment off campus, and hakyeon now rooms with lee minhyuk, who's a year under him and clearly on his way to being a member in every major club and organization on campus. how he manages all of it on top of his massive load of schoolwork, hakyeon has no idea, especially with how minhyuk is now laughing by the kitchen counter with his friends, beer in hand and handsome as ever for the party.

ugh, now he's finding his goddamn roommate attractive. hakyeon knocks back the rest of his beer and avoids jaehwan's eager eyes - no doubt if he admits jaehwan is right, the guy will drag him off to some random, vaguely hot chick for a night of mediocre sex; jaehwan has a terrible concept of hakyeon's taste and is not to be trusted with deciding hook-up partners. the party is at one of the business major guys' houses, and it feels like the student body of their whole university is packed into the first floor of the sizeable house - it's big, but not that big, straining to hold so many people and their alcohol. looking away from minhyuk, hakyeon sees boys and girls chatting and dancing to whatever is playing on the speakers and getting so smashed, hakyeon can almost feel the hangover already. a few couples are enthusiastically making out in dimly lit corners of rooms and in the hallway, thinking they're sneaky and out of sight when pictures of them are probably circulating facebook news feeds by now.

the entire soccer team is here, too, milling around the beer keg - an elite group everyone else dreams of touching but knows is out of reach. the braver girls flutter around them in hopes of catching one of the players' eyes, flaunting their bodies. their university is well known for this very team and even hakyeon has been dragged along to the soccer games on multiple occasions to join the roaring sea of school colors. he isn't the best with sports but he knows enough to tell they win every time, better than their competition by far, and that's all he really needs to know. he finishes the rest of his beer - by now, the gross taste has been offset by the effects of the alcohol, warming his belly and slyly lowering his inhibitions - and contemplates whether or not it's worth it to go for a refill when the soccer team is still around. when he looks up at the crowd around the beer keg in a shameless evaluation of his chances of getting in and out safely, hakyeon accidentally makes eye contact with one of the boys on the soccer team.

to his surprise, the boy doesn't scoff and look away; instead, he holds the gaze and so hakyeon does, too, taking the chance to look at him properly. recognition comes quickly - it's jung taekwoon, right forward, the first junior (now senior, like hakyeon) to be on their university varsity soccer team since the beginning of time. if you only needed to know one member of the team, it would be taekwoon and his countless winning goals; he's on a major athletic scholarship that's practically carried him through school financially, and even the hardass of a coach adores him. he's as jock as they come, though, and the fine arts majors don't talk to jocks. they certainly don't sit and stare at jocks in the middle of a party, no matter how drunk they are, but taekwoon is handsome and broad-shouldered, looming easily over the fluttery, hopeful girls and even some of his fellow teammates. he would probably be significantly taller than hakyeon, too. (hakyeon is blaming the beer for this train of thought but he pursues it anyways.)

after a long moment, their eyes still locked, taekwoon raises his eyebrow. hakyeon flushes, stomach dropping out at such a blatant invitation as if he is standing at the top of a high peak and suddenly decided to peer straight down into the unknown.

why the fuck not, hakyeon thinks, and stands up; the movement interrupts jaehwan mid-sentence, cutting off his rambling about the shenanigans that some of the advanced choir students are getting up to. apparently, great amounts of rope are involved. "i'm going to get more beer," he says to jaehwan, and then can't help but glance at jung taekwoon again, who hasn't moved or even looked away. that damn eyebrow is still arched up over his eye, and it really shouldn't be as hot as hakyeon thinks it is.

"yeah, okay," jaehwan says, patting his elbow good-naturedly. "no need to come back. i won't be able to drive you back to school campus anyways."

hakyeon rolls his eyes but somehow it's okay, he'll worry about it later. instead he makes his way through the living room and into the kitchen, where the music is even louder, and shoulders his way into the knot of people clustered around the keg. in the back of his mind, he's a little worried about the social lines he's stomping across by doing this, the status quo and all that, but taekwoon is right there and everyone is preoccupied with their own alcohol and fun tonight, anyways. he gets to the front of the line and reaches out for the tap, his cup positioned beneath, when another hand covers his own, large and masculine. "ah," hakyeon says, looking up into taekwoon's face.

"cha hakyeon, right?" taekwoon says. his voice is very quiet, every word tasted before it is released; hakyeon's name sounds like music from his lips or something equally tacky like that. he seems even broader up close, a wide frame further emphasized by thick muscles no doubt conditioned frequently for his vital position to his team. his hair is pitch black, bangs falling softly into his eyes - he looks so neat, dressed in a simple sweater with horizontal stripes and dark wash jeans. it looks so effortless.

hakyeon, on his part, complained when jaehwan told him he /was/ going to this party and then angsted over the lacking contents of his wardrobe; jaehwan had told him he should have been a fucking drama major instead. his own outfit is simple enough, a black long-sleeved shirt that clings loosely to his torso and grey skinny jeans that cling not-so-loosely to his thighs and calves. hakyeon knows he looks good but, when taekwoon blatantly looks him up and down, he can't help but flush and doubt himself. "you know my name?" he asks and mentally berates himself for it. he should have just nodded.

taekwoon acknowledges yes with a tilt of his head, and his long fingers slowly fold over hakyeon's wrist, which has never felt so thin; hakyeon isn't sure he's okay with how that feels. "we could go upstairs, or we could go back to my flat," taekwoon says, quiet and matter-of-fact. fortunately, none of the soccer players and flirty girls pay the two of them any mind; things at this party are rapidly pushing into "way too plastered to regret my life decisions, let alone yours" territory.

christ, he's direct. hakyeon rather likes it once the frankness sinks in, and he knows that if he gets in a car with this boy he doesn't even know outside of a handful of rumors, he'll get cold feet and back out. and he does want to get laid, actually. "upstairs is fine," he answers. screw sounding too eager. taekwoon is hot, and hakyeon got to pick him all by himself.

taekwoon seems to be plenty on board with this idea and begins gently but firmly tugging hakyeon over to the stairs. he doesn't do anything like try to hold hakyeon's hand and intertwine their fingers but his grip on hakyeon's wrist feels more than intimate enough. the two of them sidestep a pair kissing so deeply they sound submerged in their own mouths, hakyeon making a quick squeamish face, before they slip up the stairs and past a few more heated couples.

it's near-silent on the second floor. a dull, rhythmic knocking sound from one of the bedroom doors is clue enough to what its occupants are up to, but if taekwoon hears them, he doesn't have any reaction. instead, he wordlessly guides hakyeon to one of the rooms in particular, opening the door with ease and waiting for hakyeon to enter it before closing the door behind himself. every movement is smooth and sure, an innate confidence of taekwoon's body. hakyeon is suddenly curious and maybe even a little envious, wondering how many lucky, lucky girls - and, now evidently, boys - taekwoon has taken to his bed. "guest room," taekwoon says abruptly by way of explanation and to hakyeon, his expression is unreadable. hakyeon nods, and they both fall silent now, the atmosphere almost oppressive in its stoicity.

after a long moment, hakyeon crosses the room, feeling taekwoon's heavy gaze on his back, and turns around and sits down on the edge of the bed. he isn't used to the silence - jaehwan is talkative, wonshik is talkative, he himself is talkative. over the last four years, all of hakyeon's previous sex partners came from various parts of the fine arts department and were talkative as hell, too. that's the way hakyeon likes it. but taekwoon is so taciturn hakyeon feels ungrounded, floundering uncharacteristically to fill the silence. eventually, he finds the right words: he leans back on his hands and says, "so, big guy, if we're going to get up to something together tonight, we can't do it with you all the way on the other side of the room, can we?"

in response, taekwoon quirks that sexy eyebrow again and one corner of his mouth pulls up, like an unwilling half-smile, and hakyeon feels victorious. "no," he says, surprising hakyeon, "i suppose not." he walks across the room and his exploring gaze is even heavier up close, studying hakyeon - not like he's a piece of meat or anything, but oh so delicately and carefully, almost like hakyeon is a work of art. but taekwoon is a jock, hakyeon reminds himself. what does he know about art?

he sure fucking knows his way around another man's mouth, though, hakyeon thinks twenty minutes later. he's lying on his back now, body danging off the bed from his waist down because he hasn't had the time or coherency to scoot up yet, and taekwoon is hovering over him, propped up on his forearms and somehow with his lower body edged in between hakyeon's spread thighs. they're kissing urgently, hearts racing rabbit fast and taekwoon nipping at hakyeon's lower lip before dragging his tongue over the sore spot, and it really shouldn't be that arousing. hakyeon is no longer sixteen and can't keep a load in his pants, but if jung goddamn taekwoon keeps that tongue action up, hakyeon may need to seriously reconsider that statement.

taekwoon seems content to just do this forever, his big hands sliding slowly and almost chastely along hakyeon's sides, up and down. but hakyeon feels impatient - he didn't expect to want this so badly when he first went over to the beer keg but now that he is here in this moment, he definitely wants. "we going to do this all night?" hakyeon whispers into taekwoon's mouth when they withdraw slightly to breathe.

"that depends on what you want to do, kitten," taekwoon murmurs back, and hakyeon can't help but flush at the endearment. that's something new, too.

it isn't until a couple minutes after taekwoon licks filthily into hakyeon's mouth again that hakyeon whines and fists his two hands in the fabric of taekwoon's sweater, this heat and desire overwhelming the initial awkwardness of every and any one night stand. "more," he says, his voice throatier than he expects it to sound.

taekwoon lingers over his mouth for one more moment before drawing back. he lets hakyeon move up the length of the bed, closer to the headboard, and then he follows, sitting back on his heels when both of them are situated comfortably. his eyes are dark, a striking contrast to his paler skin, and the almost predatory look in them is enough to make hakyeon forget the little voice whispering snidely at how easily he lies back and spreads his legs for a man he doesn't know. he's not a naive virgin anymore. he does moan shamelessly when taekwoon pulls his sweater and the tank top underneath and lets hakyeon put his hands all over taekwoon's body, which is firm and smooth and glorious; the rumors about jung taekwoon's body, even the most ridiculous ones like you could fill a wine glass on taekwoon's pec like a table because he's really that muscular, have all been proven true and hakyeon feels like gloating when he sees his fingers against taekwoon's skin.

with that as the trigger, the two of them start making out again, divesting each other of their clothes whenever they can bear to separate their lips. the one moment of difficulty is peeling hakyeon's jeans from his thighs and calves, interrupting taekwoon's mission to litter hakyeon's collarbones with red hickeys, and he squirms a little to help taekwoon's impatient - but yet still so gentle - hands along. taekwoon himself is already down to his boxers, so hakyeon is free to lean back and enjoy the sight as taekwoon pulls the grey skinny jeans free and pitches them onto the floor scathingly. when he doesn't shift back up to kiss hakyeon again, though, hakyeon can't help but pout. "get up here," he demands.

"is this okay?" taekwoon asks instead, his voice rasping a little. he's nestled down between hakyeon's thighs, now, propped up on his elbows with his hands skimming along the sensitive skin of hakyeon's hips, the creases of the tops of his thighs, dipping into the elastic waistband of hakyeon's briefs.

"o-oh," hakyeon whispers, trying to absorb the sight before realizing he hasn't yet even answered taekwoon's question properly. "that's very okay. yes. do whatever you want."

hakyeon can feel the slight curl of taekwoon's mouth in a smile against his thigh, taekwoon dropping a quick and chaste kiss to the kneecap before pressing in closer. jaehwan had a point when he said that it's been a while since hakyeon has slept with anyone, and the men he slept with in the past usually preferred receiving blowjobs over giving them; hakyeon never used to mind that and he knows he's good at them. lying here at taekwoon's mercy feels so vulnerable. when he feels taekwoon slowly peel back his boxers to expose his erected cock, which springs free to lie flat against his belly, hakyeon can't help but shudder.

"relax," taekwoon murmurs, rubbing soothing circles into hakyeon's tensed thighs. "this is supposed to make you feel good."

"yeah," hakyeon whispers. he almost looks away but he doesn't want to be caught off guard - so he watches, but the wet and the hot of taekwoon's mouth around the head of hakyeon's cock is still so much more than he expects, and he quickly finds himself whimpering in pleasure without actively deciding to do so. the sight of taekwoon's head between his thighs, licking against the underside of the head before taking hakyeon back into his mouth to begin sucking, is so much that hakyeon has to squeeze his eyes shut and tilt his head back for a moment. "fuck, taekwoon, please - "

"please what?" taekwoon asks, kissing hakyeon's cock sloppily and startling a laugh out of him. he brings a hand up while he waits for hakyeon to reply and the laugh succumbs to a choked-off groan at the new type of stimulation, hakyeon's hips jerking in an effort to coax taekwoon by example into a faster pace than this slow, languid fisting. taekwoon's hands are so big, covering more in one hand than one of hakyeon's hands can, and hakyeon feels like he's barely keeping up with reality.

"please suck me off again, you're so good, oh, please, please," hakyeon says breathlessly, the begging tumbling from his lips too naturally. his hair is a mess now from how he's been running his hands through it restlessly, and he can only imagine how debauched he looks with his lips so kiss-swollen and the marks of taekwoon's lips and tongue and a little teeth from earlier still on his skin.

taekwoon hisses and takes hakyeon back into his mouth with a vengeance now, sucking like he means it until hakyeon is gasping out his name and trying to break out of the iron grip taekwoon's hands have to pin down his hips because he's going to come, he's going to come, he's -

"i can't believe you just swallowed," hakyeon says weakly as he leans back on the bed, momentarily drained by one of the strongest orgasms he's ever had in his life. "shit."

"i know," taekwoon says, hovering over hakyeon smugly and kissing him; the taste of hakyeon's own come is still there with the sweetness of taekwoon himself and hakyeon is shocked to realized that his need for taekwoon has hardly abated, even after the blowjob and the intimacy of tasting himself in taekwoon's mouth; it's not really something he's tasted before. he wants to return the favor, he wants to keep kissing, he wants taekwoon's cock - which is now so hard from his sucking hakyeon off that it's leaking milky pre-come all over his chiseled abs, which looks almost too good for hakyeon to go on. it's not good enough for hakyeon to pass up on having that cock inside of him, though.

"let me - " he says, and after some maneuvering, he gets taekwoon propped up against a small hill of pillows along the headboard and himself stradling taekwoon's thighs, taekwoon's boxers stripped off and tossed away. this position is more familiar territory for hakyeon, even though taekwoon's body is entirely new, and he keeps kissing greedily and soaking in the feeling of how much taekwoon wants him, too. taekwoon's hands never stop, tracing his shoulder blades and sliding down to lightly cup the cheeks of hakyeon's ass, and that sweeping movement he does along hakyeon's sides is a lot less innocent now that they're both naked. this is the probably best lay hakyeon has had in years and taekwoon hasn't even actually fucked him yet. hakyeon can't remember being in bed with a single other man who could hold a candle up to taekwoon's heat and intensity and strength.

taekwoon looks up at him, and seeing him from a new angle is surprisingly embarrassing and hakyeon can feel himself blushing again as he looks down at taekwoons face. he leans down to kiss taekwoon for a long, slow moment, their tongues sliding against each other obscenely, before hakyeon draws back with a wet sound and murmurs, "can i ride you?"

instead of answering immediately, taekwoon groans and curls a hand around the back of hakyeon's head, tugging at his hair. he uses his grip to coax hakyeon forward so their mouths meet again, and the kiss is slow again as if they're both holding their breaths, the finale surely approaching. "do it, kitten," taekwoon whispers hoarsely against hakyeon's lips. "ride me."

"yes," hakyeon moans, all shame at sounding like a cock-hungry slut now long-forgotten. they lock their mouths again and hakyeon curls his arms around taekwoon's neck, driven by an unfamiliar ache to get closer as if he could force himself into taekwoon's body and lurk under his pale skin and various scrapes and scars. taekwoon has one hand on his waist but the other is scrambling to find the jeans that he'd thrown carelessly towards the head of the bed earlier.

somehow, taekwoon manages to do everything one handed, to hakyeon's near-delirious delight because he doubts either of them could stand to untangle their limbs so taekwoon can retrieve lube and a condom. "is this - is this okay?" taekwoon murmurs, smoothing his hand down hakyeon's lower back and gently touching a dry finger to hakyeon's ass crack.

"you haven't even done anything yet," hakyeon groans, burying his face into taekwoon's strong neck and vaguely considering mouthing wet hickeys along the pale column of it. "please fix that as soon as possible."

taekwoon huffs out a laugh and takes his other hand away so he can open the lube. even though hakyeon knows it's coming, even though taekwoon tried to warm it up in his palms for as long as possible without hakyeon kiss his brains out from impatience, the cold slickness is still a surprise.
Tags: !incomplete, fandom: vixx, pairing: leo/n
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