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psa; fic index

hello and welcome to a (semi)organized list of seulpeo's fanworks!
all posts are unlocked and open for public viewing unless otherwise stated. they are listed here alphabetically by fandom, ordered from oldest to newest chronologically. i hope you enjoy my writing! if you like what you see, do not hesitate to comment or join galaxy ♥

disclaimer - i do not own the following groups or idols; in extension, i do not know their thoughts or personal lives, and the fiction i write is entirely based off my own imagination with few points corresponding to real life situations. no libel or slander in any way intended, merely entertainment.

beast | exo | infinite | shinee | teen top


      ⌚ kismet // pg; au; ot6
a compilation of drabbles, about what could have happened if beast werent where they are today.


      ⌚ speechless // pg-13; silent!au; sehun/luhan, kris/luhan
For Lu Han's entire life, he's known the restriction of the word limit. But when his best friend and rebel, Kris, takes things a step too far, just as an intriguing foreigner named Sehun enters Lu Han's life, he must make a terrible choice.

    ⌚ finest thing in history ( i / ii / iii / iv / v ) // pg-13; restaurant!au; kai/d.o
Between struggling in university and working shifts at the restaurant, Jongin is fighting to bring his life together after his parents disown him. Meeting Do Kyungsoo, however, changes everything.

      ⌚ to go great lengths // pg; airport!au; kai/luhan
pilot-in-training jongin makes flight attendant lu han uncomfortable--more uncomfortable than the worst turbulence he has ever experienced in the air.

      ⌚ to mourn is to have loved // pg-13; music uni!au; sehun/luhan
sehun's boyfriend cares more about birds outside than his much-needed naps, but it's okay because sehun loves lu han anyways.

      ⌚ fall from paradise // pg-13; angel!au; baekhyun/chanyeol
Everything about Baekhyun's new life at university is eclipsed by a boy named Park Chanyeol, but he has no idea what he is getting himself into.

      ⌚ summer boys // pg; part time!au; kai/d.o
During summer vacation, Kyungsoo decides to get a summer part-time job delivering milk in his apartment, and meets the newspaper delivery boy.

      ⌚ red hands and blindfolds // pg-13; palace guard!au; kai/d.o
Palace guard Kyungsoo’s career centers around his home country, Lucis, especially when warring country Apertus proposes a peace treaty.


      ⌚ vertigo ( i / ii ) // pg-13; music uni!au; woohyun/sunggyu // warning - attempted suicide
when it seems like everything in woohyuns life is over, a third year named kim sunggyu shows him what it means to live.

      ⌚ redemption (multi-chaptered) // pg-13; social classes!au; ot7, various pairings
Lee Howon has long accepted his life as a Beta, at the bottom of South Korea's social class. However, the government gives him and his family an opportunity to join the Alpha class, through the Omega Plan at Sanghwan Academy, but this chance isn't as wonderful as it seems.


      ⌚ 3 times kim jonghyun was at a loss for words // pg; jonghyun/zhang liyin, jonghyun/shin sekyung, jonghyun/key
as the title states, three times kim jonghyun was at a loss for words.

teen top

      ⌚ you know our love is out the door // pg; niel/ljoe
daniel and byunghun collaborate for the song "dont wanna try" by frankie j during pre-debut days.

a note about translations:

thank you for your interest, and for putting in the goodwill and effort to spreading my fic around the fandom internationally; im so flattered, really ;;
please send me a private message with: the fic you'd like to translate, into what language you'll be translating it, and where you'll be posting the fic up once the translation is done. on the translation itself, please link back to the original fic entry here on galaxy, and credit me at galaxyabandoned! translations will be listed here on the masterlist for convenience as well. please note, my fanfiction must be properly credited when taken outside of this community. translations may not be done without permission explicitly stated by me.

finest thing in history: russian (by lisa_ella)
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