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{teen top | exo} drabble dump!

a trio of completely unrelated-to-each-other drabbles! this is my way of consoling myself after reaching the conclusion that i absolutely cannot oneshot, as well as procrastinating SO HARD and coping with my endless wips/stubborn inability to write porn atm yep. bask in my shitty description skills.
hope y'all enjoy! ♥♥

Title: you know our love is out the door
Fandom: teen top
Pairing: niel/ljoe, kind of
Word Count: ~800
Rating: pg
Summary: daniel and byunghun collaborate for the song "dont wanna try" by frankie j during pre-debut days. watch here: (x)
A/N: ive wanted to write this for the longest time um, ever since i saw this video for the first time and went YES NIELJOE. once upon a time, it was going to be a oneshot, and then i realized i was a crappy angel with no teen top meta or headcanon and now its not even 1k. so looks like i either write <1ks or 10k+s wat.

there isn't enough room, daniel can see that immediately when byunghun sits down behind the keyboard and places his fingers carefully on the black and white keys, matching fingertips to the right notes. the angle which byunghun needs in order to play properly forces him to bend his arms uncomfortably, the bones jutting from the skinny wrists above his worn bracelets. his fingers are slender and long, his reach born from years of practice, but he still insists on using the sheet music--insurance, he says, for the notes and for daniel's english lyrics even though daniel insists he'll be fine. uncertain certainty.

they've been practicing for this for months. two trainees, daniel ahn and lee byunghun, whose dreams have just begun to emerge into the conscious world. all of those days of you have an amazing voice and i like your rhythm, kid filtering through into you have a schedule today and keep an eye out for this guy, you might be seeing each other more often. daniel knows that the vocal coach he has been training with since he arrived at top media is more criticism than praise, but if her grudging approval these days is any sign, he's getting closer and closer with each discouraging english pronunciation lesson and each motivating set of scales. he was chosen for this song out of all the other vocalists because of his high notes, she tells him, and daniel could cry at how much this means to him.

lee byunghun is one of the trainees he doesn't know too well, despite their collaboration, despite their smallest gap in age. minsoo hyung is easier to talk to, a safe, quiet place when little changhyun is hanging off of his arm or chanhee has something very important, daniel-ah to tell him, and rumors are flying around that they'll be adding another 95 liner named choi jonghyun (or choi jonghun or maybe he's not even a choi after all) to the team, but daniel doesn't want to get his hopes up when this skinny kid, full of dancing talent and shining dreams, is in the shakiest place of his career. hope hurts, and he is so young.

byunghun wants to be a rapper, but top media obviously prefers bang minsoo. it is frightening, almost, to watch byunghun's pale, indifferent face during rhythm lessons, when they laud praise on the future leader and byunghun's lips are pressed into the stiff line of dispassion, passion. byunghun also knows english from living in america--california or oregon?--and he also has learned piano, well enough that he can perform it. but that is not why the entertainment will not let go of him; they will not let go of him because they know a face like that, a face of small shape and delicate features and pretty smile, a face that can take any hair color or style, can make it big. the world already knows daniel, and changhyun, as child actors, but daniel knows that visually, he is nothing compared to byunghun.

they dress up for the part. hair is carefully brushed and styled and sprayed into place, all the while portraying an effortless and casual look, and they immediately thrust daniel into a changing room because he wore his ratty sweatshirt to training instead of something nicer. to fit both of them in the frame, the keyboard is dragged back against the wall, pressing byunghun into it as if he'll filter through the wallpaper. but when byunghun begins to play, when daniel begins to sing, it's easier to forget these things; singing this song takes him, them, back to the practice rooms where the slightest imperfections are always, always visible in mirrors spanning the length of entire walls, where daniel knows that he's here in this cramped spot because he wants to sing. they do seventeen takes, but the teachers pick the third one, where they make eye contact right after niel finishes his first set of high notes, where daniel's finger counting beats behind byunghun's sheet music is in sight but they insist all of that is fine.

daniel reaches for the bottle of water and takes a long, slow draught to soothe his tired throat. when he lowers it, he sees byunghun looking at him. "what?" he asks. they've been asked to consider alternate names, a meeting yesterday with minsoo and chanhee and changhyun. none of them are finding it easy, byunghun especially when there is already another lee byunghun, an actor, making it big out in the world. some of the teachers are beginning to call daniel 'niel,' and he doesn't know whether he likes it or not.

"you did well, niel-ah," byunghun says with a slight smile, a flicker of emotion, and then he stands, stretches out his sore limbs, and walks out the door.

Title: to go great lengths
Fandom: exo
Pairing: kai/luhan, hints at (prob one-sided) baekhyun/soshi!!
Word Count: ~700
Rating: pg
Summary: pilot-in-training jongin makes flight attendant lu han uncomfortable--more uncomfortable than the worst turbulence he has ever experienced in the air.
A/N: this summer i did a lot more traveling than usual--i chilled out for a week at a resort in mexico earlier this summer vacations, during which i wrote the first half of my kaisoo fic, and had more than enough airports to last me for a lifetime :| so i bring you airport!au, which was supposed to be sehan but oops lukai aka my guilty pleasure otp??

"so, lu han, what's your favorite part of the job?" jongin asks, leaning against lu han's snack cart. the stiffly ironed fabric of his white sleeve crinkles against the silver metal, his broad shoulders wrapped tightly in his uniform jacket, topped off with golden stripes. his outfit looks nothing like lu han's, lu han's navy blue suit jacket and pressed slacks, nothing like the girls' pencil skirts and modest heels.

lu han frowns at him, jostling it out from under jongin's arm so he can roll it into its allotted storage space. as always, space on the airplane is tight. "you mean working on an airplane in general, or being a flight attendant? if it's the first one, i'm sure being a pilot-in-training is enough material for you."

"being a steward, of course. one of the only ones on these airlines," jongin points out with a slight smirk.

"there's also byun baekhyun," lu han says, defensively. baekhyun rarely is on the same flight as lu han; their important passengers prefer women serving them, there's no question about that, and while lu han and baekhyun are both pretty enough to be an asset rather than a drawback, they both know that serving together isn't the best of plans. for this flight, lu han is with hwang miyoung, whose nametag reads tiffany, and kim taeyeon. he also works often with the jung sisters, sooyeon and soojung, jessica and krystal, or maybe even with song qian--victoria--if there are a lot of chinese passengers, rotated through the same cycles as baekhyun. they talk whenever they can, of course, but rushing from terminal to terminal in their major airports is hardly proper conditions for life-bonding conversations.

"baekhyun spends more time hyperventilating over the girls than the rich businessmen in the first class seats," jongin says. "but you prefer the pilots? you know, i've seen you talking to sehun and wu fan and even amber, though i doubt she's what you're looking for."

lu han glances at him. "what, you mean yiyun? jongin, i really don't think--"

jongin smiles at him, deadly. "you still haven't answered my question."

his question? lu han struggles to remember it, flustered at the direction the conversation has turned, but one of the attendant call lights has turned on. he stands at once to go to it, hoping to escape the uncomfortable conversation, but it is closer to the other side of the plane, at the tail, and taeyeon is already bending forward to listen to the man's request. she is so efficient and charming it makes lu han jealous, although he has been trained just as intensively to be like that. reluctantly, lu han takes his seat again, where he cannot escape pilot kim jongin.

no matter how lu han looks at his career path, as optimistic as he is, there is a lot that he dislikes. the nausea-inducing discomfort and medical side-effects of constantly flying are inevitable pains, and the paranoia of something going wrong and sending the entire plane to the earth has featured in plenty of lu han's frequent nightmares. sometimes there are wailing children, or rude customers, or that clog of people at the latrines no matter how lu han asks them all to wait their turns in their seats. and sometimes, there are the people who frown at him for being a man, for choosing this work when he is not a pretty, porcelain lady like taeyeon and miyoung and sooyeon. his least favorite part of his job is looking out of the window, down at the world they have escaped the gravity of momentarily, and take in how brown and yellow and dirty it is, how their earth is hardly the blue and green orb that artists like to see it as. it's quite the reality check.

they are silent. lu han looks at jongin, straight in the face, and tilts his head to the side ever so slightly. "i guess it's for the pilots, after all."

Title: to mourn is to have loved
Fandom: exo
Pairing: sehun/luhan
Word Count: ~700
Rating: pg-13 bcos hints
Summary: sehun's boyfriend cares more about birds outside than his much-needed naps, but it's okay because sehun loves lu han anyways.
A/N: THIS IS SET IN MUSIC UNI!AU YEEEEEES. as in my woogyu fic, vertigo :D??
there rly isnt anything to this drabble besides the fact that sehan is my qtest "IF YOU SEE HIM TELL HIM IM DOING FINE" otp, i love romantic fluffy shit like this, and there is this one mourning dove that always loiters around on the electrical wires in my backyard and coos in the late afternoons. once it and its mate built a nest in the holly tree outside my window and laid the prettiest blue eggs, huhu.

sehun has almost dozed off completely when lu han jerks into a sitting position at his side, jostling sehun's legs off of lu han's lap and unsettling him so he almost falls off the bed. "what the--" sehun chokes, flailing to regain his balance. lu han barely seems to notice when sehun latches onto his thin forearm to drag himself back onto the bed, sehun flopping back onto the pillows in relief.

"did you hear that?" lu han demands, eyes wide and reflecting the single, dim light they have on in the darkening room like tiny stars. sehun imagines constellations--orion, the hunter, or maybe the great bears, ursa major and minor--collected and condensed into the luminance of lu han's gaze.

"hear what?" sehun asks in reply, and listens hard. lu han seems to be holding his breath, so the silence is only disturbed by the pace of sehun's quiet breathing. silence shrouds them like a guardian, skimming over the top of sehun's head to curl at the base of his spine, and the only thing sehun can hear is the pulse of his heartbeat. it seems strangely loud.

lu han doesn't answer at first, focused on the small dorm window above their heads. "wait," he breathes.

sehun sits quietly, obediently, unsure what they're waiting for. just as he's contemplating that nap he was just dropping off to, lu han startles and jerks, insistent, on sehun's sleeve. "that!" he whispers, his voice hushed; he has bent over so his lips are right beside sehun's ear, his word's soft exhale brushing across sehun's earlobe so sehun shivers.

"what?" sehun says again. a faint coo sounds from the window, and lu han tugs on his sleeve again, giving his boyfriend a significant look.

"what do you mean, what? did you hear that?" lu han says, voice still lowered, a bit dramatically.

"it's a mourning dove," sehun says. "they call to find mates, don't they?"

lu han frowns, ever so slightly, the furrow between his slim brows flickering as his face pulls down like a child denied the pleasure of a treat. "it sounds so lonely."

outside, the dove calls again, a haunting and desperate sound ringing out over the school campus. it sounds like the music of the students within the halls it lives over, searching for a lover and laying eggs on the roofs of the boys' dorms, flourishing among classical compositions from lu han and the other piano majors and opera arias from the vocal department and even the throbbing pulses of the hip hop music sehun practices to in the dance wing.

"i'm sure it's fine," sehun says, smoothing a hand reassuringly over lu han's back. lu han is skinny, so skinny, and sehun can feel every knobbly vertebrae as he passes over with his fingers, even when using the lightest pressure. when lu han leans back into sehun's touch, sehun smiles to himself and pulls the slender boy down on the bed with him wordlessly, so they are lying side by side. lu han presses to the warmth of sehun's body, and even when the edge of lu han's skinny hip juts into sehun's side, sehun does not pull away.

"did you know doves mate for life?" lu han says suddenly.

"really?" sehun asks, to humor him.

lu han nods earnestly. "i read it somewhere. sehun, are you my dove?" he curls his fingers around sehun's hand, which is resting on sehun's stomach, and squeezes beseechingly. lu han's hands are long-fingered, pale, lifelong friends of a black and white keyboard, while it is sehun's muscular body that betrays his art. and yet they fit together so naturally, like lock and key, that the breaths they exchange during heated, tender nights only convince sehun that they are both artists.

it's like he's asking for a promise. sehun looks up at the blank, infinite ceiling of lu han's dorm room, hearing the mourning dove outside call for its mate again. "yeah. yeah, i'll be your dove."

Tags: au: music uni, fandom: exo, fandom: teen top, pairing: kai/luhan, pairing: niel/ljoe, pairing: sehun/luhan
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